LED Panel Light FO-SC07 1200×600

FO-SC07 1200mm×600mm×11mm in door

LED Panel Light FO-SC07 1200×600
LED Panel Light FO-SC07 1200×600
LED Panel Light FO-SC07 1200×600

The LED panel light is intended for illuminating indoor areas; It may be installed and used only in dry, enclosed indoor rooms. The product is intended for suspension at the ceiling where it is hung up by means of steel cables(should be bought separately).Please observe the specification carefully at all times! Our products comply with the applicable national and European requirements.

LED Qty Luminescence
Weight (including
Power supply)
240PCS 2 sides 72W AC110-240V 5200LM 72±5lm/w >110° 7.8KG
LEDs SMD 5630
Color Temperature (Optional ) PW(4000-4500K)/WW(3000-3500K)/CW(6000-6500K)
Life Time  50000H
Ingress Protection  IP20
Operating Environment  Temperature:﹣10°~﹢40°; Humidity:10%~90%
Storage Environment Ventilation and no corrosion gas in the air 
Frame Rate  50/60HZ
Dimension  L: 1196mm;W: 596mm;D:11mm
Cases Color  Silver(dull silver)
Installation  Hoisting, wall buckle, embedded 
Radiating Aluminum plate radiating
Non-stop Working Time  ≥72H
MTBF ≥10000H

The tech-specification may be changed because of the technology improvement.

  • A. Light guide plate with 85% availability adopted to make the light well-distributed;
  • B. High quality aluminum shell adopted to settle for LED heat releasing and to ensure LED life time;
  • C. Imported LED chip(SMD5630 with Epistar chips), high brightness, energy saving up to 60%;
  • D. High CRI to show the real color of goods and environment;
  • E. 11mm ultra-thin structure in design, succinct and generous;
  • F. Excellent heat dissipation structure, long life span, normal use can reach over 50,000hours;
  • G. Lead free, eco-friendly, conforming to the requirements of ROHS;
  • H. Wide voltage input, swift start, no flicker, no dazzle and no tingle;
  • I. The panel light can be suspended or recessed, easy and quick.
Hotels, schools, hospitals, factories, offices, subway or some other commercial lighting residential or public facilities, everywhere for energy-saving and high lighting area.

Only mount the LED panel and the LED driver on a stable surface The LED panel and the LED driver must be installed out of the reach of children.

Suspending Accessories

Mounted Accessories

  • A. The LED panel is hung up at the ceiling using 4 steel cables there are 4 installation kits matching the steel cables provided, see image on the left.
  • B. First attach the four rings (3) to the corresponding sliding nuts at the edge of the LED panel ( at the back) using one screw (5) each.
  • C. Pay attention to a symmetrical arrangement of the steel cables on the LED panel.Otherwise, the LED panel cannot be aligned horizontally later on.
  • D. Insert the open end of the four steel cables (1) from the inside through the mounting caps (4).
  • E. Screw down the mounting caps (4) on the ring (3) that you fastened on the LED panel at the beginning. The four steel cables are now fastened on the LED panel light.
  • F. Fasten the 4 ceiling fixtures (2) to the ceiling, with suitable screws and plug, if required (normally they will be equipped). Pay attention when drilling/tightening the screws that no power, gas or water pipes are damaged.
  • G. Insert one steel cable each in the cable holding fixture of the ceiling fixtures (2). The steel cables come out again through the lateral opening on the fixture.
  • H. A lock integrated in the fixture prevents the steel cable from the being pulled out again.if the lock is released (press the sleeve at the end of the fixture in slightly), the cable can be adjusted in length. If you release the sleeve, a spring will ensure that the lock,and thus the steel cables, is automatically fastened again.
  • I. Depending on the ceiling height or the desired suspension of the LED panel, the steel cable can be shortened using a suitable tool.
  • J. Make sure that the 4 steel cables are adjusted so that the LED panel is horizontally aligned.
  • K. Connect the low voltage plug of the LED driver to the counter-part on the LED panel.
  • L. The LED panel can also be mounted on the wall or ceiling with the four clips, see the left image for reference.
  • M. First attach one end of the four clips(1) to the corresponding sliding nuts at the edge of the LED panel (in slot at the back) using one screw(3) each.
  • N. Fasten the other end of clips (1) onto the ceiling/ wall, with M4x 30 screws (4). Pay attention when drilling/tightening the screws that no power, gas or water pipes are damaged.


  • A.The product does not require any maintenace. You should never take it apart. The LED used are permanently installed; They cannot be replaced.
  • B.Before cleaning the product it must be disconnected from the power supply. Unplug the mains plug from the power supply or switch off the mains voltage.
  • C.Do not press too strongly on the diffuser plate of the LED panel as this may cause scratches or other damage.
  • D.Dust can easily be removed using a clean, soft brush and a vacuum cleaner.