LED Module FO5533 DC12V

FO5533 Out door

FO5533 DC12V  LED Module

Product Description

Series: 4pcs monochrome SMD5050,6819 DC12V Injection molding waterproof module.
Model: FO5050-5533-4P-Z.
Features : A: High brightness, wide viewing angle, with good uniformity. Achieve zero light fades after Worked 10,000 hours under normal operating conditions. Life time: 50000H.
B: Anti-static, anti-UV flame-retardant plastic casing; Weathering resistance, with stable color.


Color Red  Green Blue Yellow PW  CW WW
Luminous Flux 24 54 16 24 76 68 76
Color Temperature 620~635 520~535 465~475 588~594 6000~7000 2800~4000 8000~12000

Technical Parameters

LEDs SMD 5050
Color Temperature
Viewing Angle  ≥120°
Life Span  50000H
Voltage  DC12V
Power Comsuption 1.2W
Drive Mode  Constant Voltage
Ingress Protection  IP65
Operating Environment  Temperature﹣20°~﹢60°; Humidity10%~90%
Installation Environment  Ventilation and no corrosion gas in the air
Cases Material  Anti-staticABS+Anti-UV
Size(L×W×D)  L: 54.8mm; W: 33.2mm; D: 6mm
Cases Color  White/Black/Red 
Connection Mode UL1007 20# Cable (grey) grey stand foranode, white stands for cathode, module interval 76mm
Concatenation 20PCS
Back Adhesive (L×W×D) L: 30mm; W: 37mm; D: 1.0mm 3MDouble-sided adhesive
Non-stop Working Time ≥72H
MTBF ≥10000H

The tech-specification may be changed because of the technology improvement.


FO5533 Installation Instructions

  • A.The power cable between the power supply and module must be within 5m;
  • B.The diameter of power line should be in accordance with the product's power consumption;
  • C.The module connection quantity for one power input interface should be 20pcs or less than 20pcs maximum;
  • D.Module double-ended should do waterproof processing;
  • E.Non-electrostatic touch, live working;
  • F.Use a qualified switch power supply with short circuit over-voltage protection, overload protection, safety certification;
  • G.Goods should not be collision, squeezing,and avoid excessive bending;
  • H.Installation surface must level off, clean and dry;
  • I.Avoid the rain, mechanical vibration during transit;
  • J.Switching power supply and controller must work in ventilation and dry environment;
  • K.Switching power supply's power efficiency should be 80% ~ 90%;
  • L.According to what have been shown on the cases to make correct connection,the grey for the anode and white for the cathode.




Note: 1, 5 strings/static bag, 100pcs intotal . 10pcs/case, 1000pcs intotal.